Metal Roofing is becoming more and more popular in Kerala during the last three decades. Metal Roofing is extremely energy efficient. In our climate especially in the extreme heat in the summer it will prevent heat to reduce the cooling cost and help us to save electricity.


        Steel, used for most Metal Roofing is heavier and sturdier than Aluminium. Manufacturers have settled on a number of durable coatings and finishes that protect steel from rust and corrosion.Steel is usually zinc coated for corrosion protection and then sealed. A coating of epoxy primer offers adhesion and baked on acrylic top coating adds colour and protection.


                      Aluminium is extemely light weight and used for residential metal roofing. It won’t rust.but it must be painted or coated for appearence.Coatings are similar to those used on steel.Various brands like ORALIUM, HINDALCO and JINDAL are the leading aluminium roofing sheet sellers in Kerala. Aluminium roofing is little expensive compare to the steel.